DiversiTech Introduces Super Seal Flex Inject

DiversiTech Corp., a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC/R parts and accessories, is introducing Super Seal Flex Inject®, an innovative new air conditioning and refrigerant leak sealant that saves HVAC/R contractors and distributors valuable time and money.


The most advanced and rigorously tested sealant to ever enter the marketplace, Super Seal Flex Inject features a triple power sealant that installs in just seconds. It is the only sealant with a push button product flow valve that does not require a propellant or other tools, thereby eliminating the need for technicians to carry multiple items such as manifold gauges, caulking guns, screw drivers and refrigerant hoses. Furthermore, it can be used without having to pump down or recover any existing unit refrigerant including R-410A.


Super Seal Flex Inject will not plug up manifold gauges, metering devices, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs), pistons or cause cap tube blockages. The sealant works with all compressors, heat pumps, condensers, recovery units and other system components and can be installed in HVAC/R systems ranging from small appliances to residential and commercial systems. It meets the ASHRAE ARI 700 standard and is compatible with all oils and refrigerants, including R-410A and drop-ins. It is also suitable for use in aluminum and copper coils and is microchannel friendly.


The patented product comes from the former Cliplight Manufacturing Company, the pioneering sealant group recently acquired by DiversiTech that introduced the first AC/R sealant to the HVAC industry in 2003. Super Seal Flex Inject is built upon Cliplight’s 16-plus years of research and development in sealant chemistry and field-testing. Cliplight’s sealant technologies and products are the only ones used and approved by such leading companies as Sears, Amtrak and Ford Motor Company, to name a few.


“Super Seal Flex Inject is truly a groundbreaking sealant for the HVAC/R industry,” said Linda Appler, Director of Sales for Cliplight products. “No other product can match Super Seal Flex Inject for its ease of application, innovative injection method, and triple power sealant properties. We know contractors and distributors will immediately see all the advantages this product has over others in the marketplace today.”


Super Seal Flex Inject sets itself apart through three distinct features. First, a flexible, non-rigid and clear hose enables the technician to easily maneuver Flex Inject as needed while also enabling him or her to watch the sealant enter the system. Second, the push-button product flow valve with a misting orifice safely releases the sealant into the system without causing liquid slugging. Third, the product contains three times the sealant volume and three sealing components, as compared to one each from competing products. The innovative triple sealant power uses specific organosilanes, which have unique metal bonding properties. This allows the sealant to attach itself to any metallurgy, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys (such as brass and even plastics) to keep the refrigerant from escaping.


More than saving contractors valuable time, Super Seal Flex Inject provides superior peace of mind for its effectiveness. Designed and manufactured completely in-house and with input from contractors, Super Seal Flex Inject has been field-tested for more than three years. In fact, all Cliplight HVAC/R sealant products undergo an average of 2-to-3 years of testing across industrial, commercial and residential applications before entering the marketplace.


Super Seal Flex Inject can be installed and working in seconds. Technicians simply connect the Flex Inject hose — color-coded appropriately — to the high and low side service ports. After removing the foam pre-release safety feature, technicians press the “push button valve,” which allows for a controlled refrigerant flow with an automatic shut off. The misting orifice then safely releases the sealant into the system where it travels with both the oil and the refrigerant to the leak site(s). Once the sealant makes contact with micro water droplets (formed when a refrigerant leak occurs and the outside air temperature drops to the dew point), the sealant quickly makes a protective barrier that keeps the refrigerant from escaping.


DiversiTech’s confidence in Cliplight’s Super Seal Flex Inject’s ability to permanently seal and prevent HVAC and refrigeration leaks stems from Cliplight’s 16-year proven track record of leading the industry with premier sealants.  When used in accordance with guidelines and instructions, field history shows that Cliplight sealants repair micron leaks effectively for up to 10 years plus.

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