Pentair Launches Revolutionary Advancement in Booster Controls

Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions today introduced Intelliboost 3.0, a new variable speed constant pressure booster system. The new system, introduced at the AHR Expo (Booth C4539) by Pentair product manager, Robert Mueller, is designed to meet the ever increasing needs and complexities of today’s water systems. It features an auto-commissioning start-up program where, with a touch of a button, all system adjustments are made based on the building’s unique profile demands for voltage and water supply. This reduces start-up time by 95% and eliminates added cost and scheduling for a technical expert to be on site to perform start-ups.


Mueller said that Pentair’s money saving and stress free IntelliBoost technology also sends alerts for performing preventative maintenance, helping to avoid costly shutdowns to replace equipment.   All interfacing is made through an easy to use, large 5.7” color touch screen and saves costs associated with contracting SCADA / BMS programmer and VFD technician.


He added that the state-of-the-art system, at any given time, determines the most energy efficient method to meet the buildings demand and ensure steady water pressure. The Intelliboost will determine optimal number of pumps required, start and stopping speeds and if sharing the load versus independent pumping provides the most energy efficient manner to maintain the desired pressure. This system provides a complete economical solution and a longer lasting booster system.


“The Intelliboost monitors its own kW consumption, reducing a building’s carbon footprint and providing up to 100% ROI within 2 years or less,” said Mueller. “The “No Flow” indication greatly reduces on/off cycling increasing product life expectancy up to 200% by running only when the demand is present and only at the speed needed to meet that demand.”
The Intelliboost also offers customizable methods for communicating with building systems, eliminating the need for special converters or hard wiring alarms and status to relay cards. The built in webserver uses any device that has access to Internet Explorer or Ethernet Modbus TCB or Serial Modbus RTU to easily connect to existing SCADA/BMS (Building Management System) for alerts, faults or remote pressure or flow changes. Remote shut down can be achieved through remote input or Modbus


Each system is ETL third party listed helping to ensure that each is built to the latest NEC, UL/cUL and CSA codes. The Intelliboost is also ULQCZJ7, CN listed, specifically for pressure booster applications and NSF 61/372 listed to ensure the latest codes for safe drinking water are met.

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