Geoclima will exhibit for the first time at AHR EXPO 2017. Adiabatic chiller and AHU on show

Geoclima is very proud to announce the company’s first-time exhibition at the forthcoming AHR EXPO, January 30 to February 1 in Las Vegas, Booth N11514, North Hall.

This is going to be the very first time for the Italian company in the USA and for this occasion Geoclima is going to exhibit its adiabatic chiller and an air handling unit from partner Clima Tech.

Geoclima specialized in the design and production of chillers according to the customers’ specific requirements and offers customization as a standard of its production. High-quality components, low-GWP refrigerants and specifically-designed technologies are key features of the entire Geoclima’s production. Every project of Geoclima is designed together with the client in order to provide the most suitable solution and, at the same time, maximum energy efficiency and high performance. Moreover, one of the main focus of Geoclima is the use of low-GWP refrigerants, mainly R290 and HFO-1234ze.

Geoclima products range includes scroll, reciprocating and screw chillers for both very low and very high cooling capacity, but the core product of Geoclima is represented by Turbomiser chillers with Turbocor centrifugal compressors: Turbomiser ensures great efficiency and performance, low maintenance and energy consumption and maximum reliability.

In addition to the production of chillers, Geoclima has developed and can provide different tools and technologies to improve customers’ experience: from hardware equipment, such as the DNC (Dynamic Noise Control – to manage and reduce chiller noise) and Evaporative System (the evolution of adiabatic cooling with an improved efficiency), to software technologies, such as Geoselectool (the Geoclima chiller selection software) and Onboard Touch (the Geoclima web-based solution for chiller constant monitoring and remote interaction).

At AHR EXPO Geoclima will exhibit Turbomiser air cooled chiller with Evaporative System and will illustrate the operation of all support technologies.

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